This adventure is meant as a leaping off point for a new group of players and characters. The first three chapters are three seperate adventures, each designed to level the character fully to the next level. The fourth adventure is meant to win the party a lauch pad for further adventures.

The first three, “The Trouble With Kobolds”, “Necromancer’s Guildhall” and “The Demon House” are all custom adventures written by myself from the ground up. They are meant to take place in any of the realms, though the maps allude to Greyhawk.

The last adventure is a heavily customized version of “Base of Operations” released by WotC and made publicly and freely available as a weekly dungeon download.

While this campaign is set up here just to put forth some ideas and to flesh out the workings of this site, is is fully playable and a lot of fun. These adventures have all been playtested and seem to be fun for the players.

Note: I enjoy some fun fights, so all my monsters have class-levels and key bosses are generated as PCs.

Heroes in the Making - A Starter Set of Adventures